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“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.”Mother Teresa

Non-profit organizations are founded on the principle of giving. Yet many are facing great challenges in funding, needing to do more with less to accomplish their missions. At Smith Dukes, we recognize the importance of the non-profit sector to the health of the Mobile community and we have worked hard to develop accounting expertise to help the area’s non-profits manage their financial well-being so they can focus on making a difference.

We deliver service to a variety of non-profit entities including:

  • Grant-making foundations and trusts
  • Membership organizations and associations
  • Museums, galleries and other arts and cultural organizations
  • Educational organizations including private and charter schools, universities and colleges
  • Religious institutions
  • Social services and health and welfare organizations

Our non-profit services include:

Learn how a member of our non-profit team can help your organization achieve its mission.

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